Saturday, May 16, 2009

PWII Affandi, Sjn U Hihamuddin, Sjn Sekawi, Pbt Hasyimah

These r the extraordinary encounters i had with these ppl..Encik Affandi was the guy who really2 helped me get thru..He gave me a nickname there..Rozaros..I was his full time assistant..He knew my BMI exceeded the limit..So, he gave me a lot of push ups, PT-10's so that I can reduce weight..He also made sure I eat less..When da doctor changed all my details in order 2 get me in, he said this.." Saya bagi kepercayaan penuh kpd unit medical utk menentukan siapa yg layak utk msuk KTU. Kalaw diorg rase Rozaros layak, maka sy dan Kapt Saiful akn terima dy utk ke peringkat seterusnya". During my ujian syarahan, he was the one who took me and gave me advice on how to speak to the colonels..He also requested that I pass on his advice to all the other candidates..There are a lot of other things that he did..But this is the frst guy who has shaped me 2 become an officer..

2ndly, Staff Din was a cool Airforce sergeant..He helped us with all our food orders..He made me AJK makanan...It was tedious job..But then, it helped me gain merit pounts..Stf Din also helped us get our stock of cigarettes upon our return from Subang..He agreed 2 buy us da smokes as long as we treat him one Dunhill King Size pack..He was also a jolly fella..Really2 liked him..

Sjn Sekawi also helped us wt our smoke order..Special thanx 2 him..

Nw2..heres da hot stuff..Staf Hasyimah found her love in this selection..hahaha..with Jijie..Goshh..she was Jiji!! U shuld learn more hw 2 treat a gurl..hahaha..I was close to her coz she always called my num 2 get 2 jijie..hahaha..These r memories i'll never be able 2 forget..

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