Sunday, June 7, 2009

Off to College

Today, 8th of June 2009, is the day that I'm finally in the military. I will be reporting 2 college at 10am today. Well, its hello 2 the Air Force College and goodbye 2 my civilian life..Wish me luck for whatever is ahead of me k??I'll see u again in a few mths..N do pray 4 my success..Thanx..Bye2..

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Anniversary Dinner

Just now, my family went to this Rose Tea Thai Restaurant in Pantai Cenang.The dinner was for the occasion of my mom and dad's 22nd Wedding Anniversary. We toasted 2 a long n happy marriage and of coz, for my success in KTU.. This is due to the fact tht I contacted one of my seniors there, and he told me tht I am already known there, and the chance of me being helled is sooooo high..hahaha..So, pray tht I may be able 2 survive my junior yr there..Cope wt my studies and pass out in June 2012..

Friday, June 5, 2009

Kenduri Berkhatan

This afternoon, I went 2 a kenduri at my fren's place..It was on the occasion of his youngest brother's circumcision. Well, the food's good. N of coz it was a pleasure seeing the boy..He's like a pengantin..hahaha..getting his cock circumcised, and he already made alot of money..Gud 4 u Pi'e..

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My last outing...

This morning will be my most memorable trip..Even though I have been living in Langkawi for 13yrs, I have nvr been on the cable car..Wht a shame..Ppl frm all over the world have been up there..N i have nvr been there..So, wt i did was, I went there this morning..I drove wt rabani 2 Oriental Village..Then, we paid 15bucks each 2 go up the mountain..The ride on the gondola was a bit scary but fun..Its just the fact that ur moving over a deep valley gives u the creeps..Upon arrival at the first stop, we took pictures..B4 going 2 the 2nd stop, we waited for nearly an hr 4 da clouds 2 clear..When we got 2 da 2nd stop, gosh..Its magnificent..We were on tht bridge n its rattling coz of the strong wind..Whatever it is, the view from tht place is damn nice..

Monday, June 1, 2009

My Sabah trip..

My flight from Langkawi to KL was very fine..A nice morning flight. At LCCT, I tried the new McD burger..What was it..umm..spicy chicken mcdeluxe rite??hahaha...Then, it was time 2 check in for my flight 2 KK..There is stg abt these Airbuses..The aircond is such that whenever u enter the plane, the aircond gas comes out all over the cabin like its on fire..It scares first timers..That fight did scare me too bt nt bcoz of the aircond..Well another thing abt Airbus is that whenever the pilots start the engines, all these strange screeching noises comes out..The lights will also flicker before starting on again..Bt this time, the lights did not start again..When taking off, we had a lot of turbulence since it was very cloudy and all of the sudden, the lights went on n off again..Even those strange noises also came out..I was like praying very hard that we did not crash..Thankfully, we did not. After a safe landing in KK, my Uncle Gilbert came and pick me up from Terminal 2..We went 2 pick Aunty Buwonia up at her office first, then makan..hahaha..had sum food in Sinsuran..Then, we went 2 this Wawasan Plaza or stg like that..

Then, its off to Moing's place..I took the Mercedez at Uncle Gilbert's place and drove it all the way 2 Tuaran from Menggatal..Kinda nervous driving a huge car for the first time..hahaha..Had a nice nite with moing and nanny..The next day, I drove Nanny 2 the Tamu in Tuaran..This time I drove the old Corolla..It was a bloody station wagon..N its nearly 30yrs old n the brakes are like shit..Later, I went for Mass at St. Johns..It was a Mass in Dusun..God..I had 2 pray in my own my heart of course..lucky the homily was in Malay..Back from eChurch..N Tuaran was full..There was a massive jam..N the worst part was I hit a bumper of another car..Damned..The Merc was too long..n the roads were too narrow..

That evening, Uncle Gilbert and his family came n visit Moing n Nanny..Aunty went fishing and caught a nice, big, fat telapia..We fried it, made sambal belacan n ate it..hahaha..It was a real typical kadazan lifestyle..n real kampung..The next morning, Moing and I went 2 Penampang 2 see Moing Larry..He was a DO..N nw I need his help 2 get all my docs signed..We met up in Donggongon..We couldnt meet the DO tht morning since he was bz..So, we went 2 try the Majistrate in KK..Again, it was a failure since my form was still incomplete..damn..N then, being stuck in a traffic jam is no fun..huhuhu...In the afternoon, we went 2 see Moing Larry again..he said, leave all the docs to him n he'll giv it 2 me the next day..Then, its the long drive back 2 Tuaran..

Nxt day, Moing had 2 go 2 da Hospital..He was in severe pain..Bt when we went thete, the doctor was nt around..So, since moing cant stand it anymore, we took him to Aunty Kate Morris's hse in Austral Garden. Uncle Mike was there..He advice us 2 go 2 the Emergency Room while waiting 4 Doctor George..Finally, the doctor came after all the fiasco in the emergency ward..He prescribed Moing with new medications while waiting 4 his appointment 4 da neurologist..Then, Moing larry called..We went 2 his hse 2 collect the docs..All was signed..That nite, Uncle Richard took me 2 his place 2 stay a nite..

Nxt day, He gave me a watch..Thanx Uncle..In the afternoon, Auntie Annie sent me back 2 Tuaran..In the evening, i drove 2 Kingfisher 2 stay one nite wt my cuzens there..So, after they finished their hsework, I brought tishah n anna 2 One Borneo..Their parents are nt at home..They went 4 a pilgrimage in mecca..Tisha can really get me killed..hahaha..i was driving n she keeps giving cofusing directions..hahaha..n we were looking 4 chicken at 10pm..At home, I did her accounts hw 4 her..Pandai u ragging i ye??hehehehe..So, I slept one nite there..

Nxt day, went back 2 Tuaran..Then, tht afternoon, I went 2 see Auntie Pina in Inanam..Drove there carrying sum Ang Pow from mummy..There, I saw Ochie, Jeannete, Brian, my niece Olya, my nephew, Levinson n my cuzen Jojo who is getting married on the 30th..Congrats Jojo..In the evening, Brian took me out to CP for makan..Then, we went 2 Sacred Heart 2 buy a Bible..Cost me 50bucks..Then, later, its time 2 go back 2 Tuaran..The nxt day, I had 2 bring Moing 2 see Dr George again..

Upon arrivel at the hosp, Dr George was already waiting 4 us..went 2 see him..After tht, its home again..B4 tht, we went 2 KK Market 2 get the lada padi n sum Unplugged thingy..hahaha..things u cnt get in semenanjung..Tht nite, we did the rosary..The maid n her famili, n sum neighbouring famili came..tht nite, uncle Charlie came 2 visit..We sat down n drank lihing 2gether..He wanted 2 bring me 2 Tambunan the nxt day for Jojo's then, it would be a rush..No fun bah..

So, on my last day, b4 going off, I went 2 da market wt Nanny n I met my cuzen Ziko n Ziki there..wt their grandma frm their mummy's side..Then we went 2 the racecourse in tambalang...Went 2 collect horse shit for my grandma..she uses it for her baja..then, its back home..Later, b4 going, nanny made me hinava..a dish made of raw fish..suddenly, while savouring it, Aunty Tina came n its time 2 leave sabah..God..Hw sad i am..Then, its the normal 2 flights wt Airasia back 2 Langkawi..