Monday, May 18, 2009

My Teachers..

To list down the names of all my teachers since kindy is kinda hard..Bt I would like 2 say thank you very much 2 all of them wtout whom I would not be where I am 2day. In RMC, I would like to thank Ma'am Saw Bin especially for her motherly care 2 me n my squadmates during our 2 year tenure there. Also for her care when I had my kidney stone problems. Ma'am Law, Ma'am Masariah, Mr Kung, Cikgu Anro, Ma'am Irma(though I had a lot of hard time liking u), Ma'am Salina, Ust Jeff, Ma'am Huda, Ma'am Intan, Mejar Habsah, Mejar Azri, Mejar Mohammad, Mejar Hadzrie, Cikgu Hamidon, n all the teachers at the Boys Wing..Nt forgetting DOS, , Mr Fook, Mr Johan...Thank u all..My special thanx 2 all of u..Back in SMSTSP, I than Cikgu Rabitah, Cikgu Ruslah, Cikgu Amir, Principal Azmi, Cikgu Halim, Cikgu Mardis, Cikgu Yazid, Madam yang..all the teachers there..Though I have made a lot of cases there, I do thank you for guiding me academically. I am grateful 2 all of u nw that I am a cadet pilot..All of u will always be in my heart.

Those pics up there are pics of my squad with Ma'am Saw Bin, our beloved squad teacher..

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