Sunday, May 17, 2009

Importance of English

Dear friends, especially OP's..It is weird right that I blog in English?? Dude, rite nw, u are already entering a new phase of life.Im nt condemning Bahasa Melayu. It is our National language. It is 2 be respected. However, do have this conscience, without good English, we cant go far. All the successful OP's communicate in English. 4get OP's, even guys from MCOBA, VIOBA n all those alumni crap use English as a medium language. Hell, look at MCKK.. The name states 'MALAY COLLEGE'. It doesnt mean that by using English, Malay is suppressed. In this age of technology now, English is vital in our jobs.Me, as a future pilot will have 2 communicate with all other pilots in the world in English. Those doctors out there will have 2 know English well as it is a medium language in communicating wt lecturers, doctors n patients. Those targeting ALAM, when u go out to sea and make a port call, do u think da dude there will say 'Selamat Datang, Meh minum teh tarik.'..hell no..Its all in English. Those going 2 UPNM, I knw we will just end up as military officers, bt hey, even the military is nw being revolutionized by technology which is y English is needed..Therefore, as a friend, I urge u guys 2 speak in English with me. Nt 2 show off, bt 2gether, we hav 2 help build each other..Till then..

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