Saturday, May 16, 2009

My Life Since da 21st April..

On the 21st of April, I attended the selection program for Kolej Tentera Udara(KTU). I wasn't confident at prior to my failure at the UPNM interview.Of course that was my fault since I was overweight. However, after 2 weeks of detox and exercise, and a little bit of prayers, I took the risk again by going to Ipoh for the interview. I met the guy in charge of the whole selection, Capt Saiful RMAF..He was a cool officer driving a new Honda City..There was also PWII Affandi who knew me from the UPNM fiasco..Well, here goes..

First thing we did was the documentations of all our certs, ID's and all those really2 important stuff..Then, we had this Ujian Pengetahuan Am..Quite simple..normal questions on the Armed Forces, Malaysia n da world..There were 121 of us n we were separated into 2 groups of 60..we gt this long barracks..I gt da nicer one..Later i found out that it was once a ladies wonder it was nice n it had this ladies sanitary pad disposal thingy..

The nxt 3 days, we did our general medical checkups..At the same time, we had this Ujian Merancang, IQ and some test I already forgot..hahaha..During the medical checkup, we were 'molested' 3times..once, by a PWII, 2nd, by a SJN n lastly, by Mej Dr Fatah..He's a Pakistani Military Doctor in service with the Malysian Army..It is during our medical checkups we checked our BMI, blood pressure, eyesight, physical structure and all those shit soldiers go thru..we even had 2 do a blood test..Thank God I passed..There was one incident wher on one fine evening, there was a cross wind and the wind blew all the tents in front of the RSAT n 2 flagpoles even broke off its foundations..

Done with those medical shit..Next was the 3.2km run..Thankfully I managed 2 run udr 18mins..Then we had 2 complete the obstacle course..It was fun although I havent done it in a while..Done with that, we prepared 2 go 2 Subang Air Force Base..
The journey 2 Subang was ok..Bt the best thing in Subang besides the accomodation was the food..Superb..N there was this cute waiter at the Wisma Ahli Udara..hahaha...
For 3 days, we had 2 travel to KL Base for a more thorough medical checkup at the Institute of Aviation Medicine..They 'molested' us again here, measured each n every of our body parts, checked our eyes using some goddamned machine, ear tests in some vault, heart was really stringent..It is here that some failed..especially since they failed 2 achieve the sitting height required..

Done with the program in KL/Subang, we headed back 2 Ipoh..Here, we did our Air Aptitude Test..It was a test which had 4 papers..English Word Knowledge, Mechanical Comprehension, Visualisation of Maneuvers and lastly, Instrument Comprehension..It was a tough test..However, this was a test that could not hav any compromises..After the test, we had 2 eliminate a lot of ppl n the final strength was 51..The Airforce intended to accept only 60 of us, but nw tht there are 51, chances are damn bright.

Done with the test, we only hav to focus on the final 3 things..Temuduga Akademik, Temuduga Lembaga Awal n Temuduga Lembaga Akhir.All 3 interviews went well..During the temuduga akademik, we met with the Commanding Officer for the Pusat Latihan Pegawai..Lt Col Mudzamir Ong Abdullah..He gave a talk specially for OP's..Told us nt 2 teach the cadets the shit we learnt at boys wing..hahaha..Ironically, the next day, we were doing Semerah Padi wt our friends..U name it, convert, jabs, hammerlights, delta special, wtever special, kongket babi, semua ada..Unlucky 4 me coz my bday was on da 9th, blanket party pun tersebar..huhuhuhu..

Finally, on the last day, we were told that all 51 of us will be reporting to KTU on the 8th of June..It was a damned great 3 weeks where we get 2 knw our future squad b4 getting in the college..My tribute to our batch, OP Mejah n OP Ariff..Nt 4getting OP Afif n OP Pikey..

However, I must nt exclude my future squad who will be wt me until we retire..OP Paan, OP Dinie, OP Hamdi, Al-Hikam, Cacat, Fakhrul, Izhar, Ganja, Paklan, Jijie, Ayie n all those guys..Hope that we will meet in KTU on the 8th..

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