Sunday, May 17, 2009

MINDEF Scholar Students

If I am not mistaken, 2day, all the Boys who got the opportunity 2 study under the scholarship by MINDEF have reported 2 INTEC 2day rite?? Well, personally from me, I would like 2 wish u all luck n be assured that all our(Rexogrades) prayers are with u. May u make our batch proud. As I am also going 2 be a military personnel beginning 8th of June, I would like to tell u this, The Malaysian Armed Forces lack of medicinal specialties. That includes dentistry and pharmacy. We are all well informed that MINDEF is now sending Boys overseas to enable doctors to be born in the Army. Therefore, I hope that u will fulfill ATM's hopes. Not only that, but ur hopes, ur parents hopes, ur teachers hopes and everyones hopes as well. Dun waste ur opportunity..If u were 2 depend on JPA or MARA, only the straight A1 students will be given the offer.However, u guys are special. Dun blow it up..Study hard, make us proud.

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