Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My last outing...

This morning will be my most memorable trip..Even though I have been living in Langkawi for 13yrs, I have nvr been on the cable car..Wht a shame..Ppl frm all over the world have been up there..N i have nvr been there..So, wt i did was, I went there this morning..I drove wt rabani 2 Oriental Village..Then, we paid 15bucks each 2 go up the mountain..The ride on the gondola was a bit scary but fun..Its just the fact that ur moving over a deep valley gives u the creeps..Upon arrival at the first stop, we took pictures..B4 going 2 the 2nd stop, we waited for nearly an hr 4 da clouds 2 clear..When we got 2 da 2nd stop, gosh..Its magnificent..We were on tht bridge n its rattling coz of the strong wind..Whatever it is, the view from tht place is damn nice..

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